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How to conserve resources and grow product loyalty with iterative design

Case Study: Overhaul the renter product to align with the stakeholder vision and improve customer loyalty.


Project Summary

Company: VERO Leasing, Jun. 2023

Role: Product Lead

The Problem

The company's growth required attention to paying enterprise customers; as a result, the non-paying applicants came second. The product's applicant flow lacks support and needs a drastic overhaul.

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// The goal was to increase loyalty by designing a new applicant flow aligned with the company's North Star. //

The Challenge


  1. Engineering resources are minimal, and other ongoing projects must take priority

  2. Stakeholders and investors have strong opinions on the look and feel of the new vision and need to feel satisfied with the final product

Our Solution

After zeroing in on a true North Star with stakeholders and investors, we began to break down the requirements of the applicant flow into individual iterations that would get us to our end state while respecting user feedback and without breaking the ability of our engineering team to deliver.

  • Confirm a North Star through wireframing and concept explorations

  • Breaking down flow requirements and steps piece by piece

  • Building on bite-sized fast ticket process

  • Pausing for customer feedback and adjustments

  • Continuing on an iterative process towards the final goal


Final Results

We ended up with a series of micro changes to the front-end that inched us closer to a stronger user experience and the final result our stakeholders envisioned.

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Next steps: We will test our results and continue with more iterations until the final vision is realized.

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