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Why scale design systems for a growing startup

Case Study: Case Study: Build a scalable design system from scratch for use across the company.


Project Summary

Company: VERO Leasing, Jan. 2021

Role: Design Lead

The Problem

The front-end team needed a more scalable way to build the backlog of feature requests. In addition, design inconsistencies needed to be reigned in so the product team could focus on releaseing feature improvements faster.

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// The goal was to build the company’s first-ever Design System based on Atomic Design principles for consistent scaling. //

The Challenge


  1. Engineering bandwidth does not support a major component overhaul

  2. Stakeholders need to be see benefits of a Design System

Our Solution

This project was very design team-heavy, so the solution was a straightforward step-by-step process. We routinely checked in with the engineering team and stakeholders to inform them of our strategy and confirm our direction.

  • Start by compiling all components in the platform

  • Analyzing current components for patterns and use cases

  • Build the Design System structure based on Atomic Design

  • Provide helpful annotations for other designers and dev team

  • Create bite-sized tickets for any component adjustments or additions


Final Results

The Design System immediately allowed the front-end team to begin building more quickly and the design team to create more efficiently. The product managers also had better clarity while scoping out new feature requests.

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Next steps:
A few components need facelifts to function better and create more consistency
We rolled out some fast Jira tickets that the engineering team could pick up quickly and execute.

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